Preventing and Responding to Violence against Women and Girls with Disabilities.

(2018 - 2021 )

Thematic Area:
Economic Empowerment

UN Trust Fund

The goal of this project is for women and girls with disabilities to experience a significant reduction in violence against them, improved responses when violence occurs and an increase in conviction rates of perpetrators in the three project locations in Kenya by August 2021.

We envision Women with Disabilities who are empowered and organized to prevent and respond to violence against them; they will know how to hold service providers to account and to better access to justice.

Since the inception of the project we have seen Women and Girls with Disabilities experience improved attitude, protection and responses from service providers and the community at large.

To achieve these outcomes we are having interactions at community level with proven strategies that are effective. Working across three beneficiary groups i.e WwDs, service providers and community in the three communities, we are giving comprehensive capacity building for WwDs, and local service providers including community level duty bearers.

We have used interactive drama for education and awareness raising of the community at large. This three year project is working in three locations in Kenya, namely Migori (western Kenya), Kabarnet (Central) and Makindu (Eastern).

Some of the strategies we are using in this project include:

  • Knowledge and Empowerment Training for Women and Girls with Disabilities,
  • Prevention and Response Training for duty bearers,
  • Community Drama targeting the community members.