Inspiring women with disabilities to participate in active elective politics and decision making

(2021 - 2021 )

Thematic Area:
Leadership & Governance

National Democratic Institute

The project is implemented in four counties namely: Narok, Kirinyaga, Isiolo and Trans Nzoia

Persons with disabilities in Kenya continue to be overlooked in the development process and encounter multiple barriers to participation. Widespread discrimination rooted in pervasive stereotypes heavily contributes to the exclusion of women with disabilities in particular, from wholesome socio – political participation. This is further made worse because women with disabilities face double discrimination, first as a woman, and secondly as a woman with disability.

The purpose of the project is inspiring women with disabilities to take lead in influencing policies, advocating for change, and organizing county and national alliances, as a result increasing their participation in mainstream development projects and decisions that directly impact their lives.

To enable Women with disabilities, participate effectively in monitoring the achievement of annual targets set by government ministries and autonomous government agencies for achieving the inclusion of persons with disabilities in development processes.

To achieve these, the project uses the following strategies; leadership trainings, community sensitization, Media campaigns and mentorship programs

The project aims to:

  1. To encourage women with disabilities to participate in active party structure politics before the 2022 general elections in Kenya.
  2. To inspire women with disabilities to seek leadership positions at the county and national levels.
  3. To increase the visibility and influence of women with disabilities and thus increase their uptake of elective and appointive positions.