Inspiring women with disabilities to action to achieve better and inclusive governance in Kenya

(2021 - 2022 )

Thematic Area:
Leadership & Governance

African Women Development Fund

This is a 1 year project which started 2020 and its implemented in 4 counties namely: Nairobi, Nyeri, Kajiado and Machakos

The project goal is to inspire women with disabilities to take up leadership positions. Help reduce discrimination and vulnerability of women with disabilities. We also envisage an economically, socially, politically, and culturally empowered women and girls with disabilities, and to enable Women and girls with disabilities to collectively lobby and advocate for issues of self–realization and self–development with a unified and amplified voice.

Some of the strategies we are using in this project include; Sensitization of women with disabilities through training and mentorship workshops, Distributing Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials, county assembly bench making, media campaigns and Building networks.

The project aims to:

Increase the presence, visibility, and effective participation of women with disabilities in leadership and decision processes in four of 16 counties where we work.

Promote the participation, representation, and influence of women with disabilities in four of the 16 counties where we work.

Build positive public perception around the role of Women with Disabilities currently serving as Members of County Assembly and as Members of Parliament.

Build sustainable and knowledge and action networks advance the active and unhindered participation of women with disabilities in governance and political processes at the county and national levels in Kenya.