Raising Awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights among Women with Disabilities and Refugee Women with Disabilities

(2019 - 2022 )

Thematic Area:
Sexual & Reproductive Health Services


The purpose of this project is to empower both local and refugee women with disabilities on their sexual and reproductive health rights.

To be able to achieve this, the project continues to bring on board stakeholders in the reproductive health sector, human rights officers, community leaders and others whose capacity on matters of women with disabilities needs to be built.

In addition, the project is providing advocacy skills to women and girls with disabilities so that they can be able to effectively and collectively raise their voice and demand for their rights from the appropriate stakeholder e.g. the government.

Some of the strategies used to achieve our goal in this project include conducting a baseline survey, community awareness and education workshops, advocacy trainings, media engagements, social inclusion trainings and peer educators training.